“The Most Beautiful Girl” – Omoni Oboli Nnamdi Says As She Welcomes Her Grandchild, Zaha (Photos)

It’s all about excitement as Omoni Oboli shares the reason for her happiness on Instagram. The actress is elated to welcome her lovely granddaughter, Zaha. Taking to Instagram, she flaunted photos of herself carrying her grandson. With joy, she claimed that she was the most adorable girl ever.

It’s a privilege to be alive to welcome your grandchild. As a matter of fact, being a grandmother is the desire of every woman. Omoni just got online to celebrate her beautiful daughter. Shs also gave a caption that reads, “My baby had a baby. Does that make me a grandma? Zara Chidera is the most beautiful baby girl ever, and my joy is full.”

Children are bundles of joy who always brighten the mood of everyone around them. It’s even more interesting when one welcomes a lovely baby. In light of this, Omoni wants her fans to share in her happiness. This informed her decision to show off her daughter and her grandchild.

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