After The Car Gift, Skit-maker Kamo Also raises the fund of 2 million Naira for veteran actor Abija (Video)

In a heartwarming display of generosity and compassion, skit-maker Kamo has successfully raised a fund of 2 million Naira to help veteran actor Abija in a bidd to acquire a car him.

Recalls that veteran actor Tajudeen Oyewole is popularly known as Abija has taken to social media to express his urgent need for a car.

Abija noted that he has been in the movie industry since 1972 and he can no longer actively do what he loves because of the difficulty in moving around at old age. He also stated that he feels shy to go to movie sets without a car. Abija, however, appealed to his fans to help him by raising funds for his car.

Kamo, known for his hilarious skits that have garnered him a massive following, uses his platform to raised fund for Abija.

In a recent update, the skit maker reveals that he has raised the fund of 2 million Naira so far.

The news of this charitable endeavor has sparked a wave of admiration and gratitude within the entertainment industry and among fans.

Watch the video below;

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