Oriyomi Hamzat to sponsor veteran actress Iya Niwe and actor Lere Paimo to Jerusalem for pilgrimage (Video)

In an extraordinary display of philanthropy and goodwill, Oriyomi Hamzat, the owner of Agidigbo FM and a prominent figure in the broadcasting industry, has announced his decision to sponsor a pilgrimage to Jerusalem for veteran actress Iya Niwe, renowned actor Lere Paimo, and one of his loyal staff members, Pastor Folarami Abimbola.

Oriyomi Hamzat announced the good news in during one of his popular program “Kokoro Alate.”

Iya Niwe has been a beloved figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene for decades.

Her stellar performances in Yoruba theatre and film have earned her a special place in the hearts of movie enthusiasts.

Lere Paimo, popularly known as “Eda Onileola,” is equally celebrated for his contributions to the Nigerian film industry and his remarkable portrayal of historical figures.

Pastor Folarami Abimbola, a devoted staff member at Agidigbo FM, has been an integral part of one of the radio station, Kokoro Alate.

The announcement has been met with overwhelming appreciation from fans, colleagues, and well-wishers, who commend Oriyomi Hamzat for his compassionate and benevolent spirit.

The pilgrimage to Jerusalem is a significant spiritual journey for many, and for Iya Niwe, Lere Paimo, and Pastor Folarami Abimbola, this opportunity will be a cherished and memorable experience.

Watch the video below:

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