“LET THE WORLD KNOW THE TRUTH”– Drama As Actor Yomi Fabiyi Reveal Video of How Damola Olatunji and Okele SIeep With Princess Daughter

In a recent viral video, Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi expressed criticism towards Iyabo Ojo, comedian Princess, and Adetoun for their involvement in the case of Baba Ijesha.

He also shared further information about the situation, mentioning that Baba Ijesha had served a year in prison for assaulting a 14-year-old girl, who happened to be comedian Princess’ foster child.

Yomi Fabiyi further revealed that the home’s security guard, Okele, and Damola Adekola had also been involved with the child.

According to Yomi Fabiyi, a few days after Baba Ijesha was arrested, Police investigated, ran a test on the girl, and sperms were found on her and by extension confessed that one Damola Adekola and Okele have been having $ex with her.

Yomi Fabiyi claimed that comedian Princess confirmed at the court that these people have been abusing the girl s+xually a year before Baba Ijesha’s case came up.

He said that all these happened after Baba Ijesha was lied to for a movie shoot only to lure her to the girl using the minor as bait.

Yomi Fabiyi further cleared that Damola Adekola was later arrested after the minor confessed to the court and by extension asserts that he has been having s+x with her claiming that the minor is his girlfriend.

The actor in the video shared on his IG page accused Iyabo Ojo of fighting for justice but she remains silent about Damola Adekola.

Yomi Fabiyi also accused comedian Princess of running to the United Kingdom in the year 2021 in the middle of Baba Ijesha’s case.


WHO REMOVED DAMOLA ADEKOLA from the case despite confessing to sleeping with the girl? If truly the girl is 14, who set a paedophile loose? Is it because Damola Adekola has evidence the 14years given the girl was “FOOTBALL AGE” just to demonize and sentence Baba ijesha for sexual assault of a minor only?

If the Police investigation and entire court trial did NOT found Baba ijesha guilty of having sex or penetrating the girl but allowed DAMOLA ADEKOLA who confessed to having sex with the girl set free. Same victim, same investigation oh. On what basis was he asked to walk free? Why are IYABO OJO, ADETOUN etc silent or covering this if they are aware?

If truly the police were never the one that provided the CCTV used in court, as they claim they did not have access to the hard disk(primary evidence), why was a doctored evidence used and the perpetrator of such act not punished? Is it now in our laws to illegally “AMBUSH PEOPLE INTO MISFORTUNE” and use the court to punish the person?


Watch the video below;

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