“Arrest Comedian Princess & Others now” – Yomi Fabiyi continues to call for justice over the Baba Ijesha case

Nigerian actor Yomi Fabiyi’s call for justice in the Baba Ijesha case continued to garner attention and controversy on social media.

The case involving popular comedian, Princess, who accused fellow comedian Baba Ijesha of sexually assaulting her underage daughter, had been a subject of intense media scrutiny and public debate. Yomi Fabiyi, known for his activism and advocacy, had been vocal in demanding fair and transparent proceedings to ensure justice for all parties involved.


If a man is a flirt or suspected of any sexual abuse by friends/investigators is lured into a closed door in 100% privacy, with a female victim that has every features of an adult. And there is confirmation the victim coached/instructed to consistently lead the target on until touched has ignited suspicion of AN ORGANISED CRIME.

Flirting is a civil, social culture and NOT a crime. It only becomes criminal if the victim is an extremely obvious child/proven underage. That means the suspect is a PEADOPHILE, as no one should be sexually attracted to a child under any circumstances except in movies.

In a case of a minor(with every features of an adult) where no evidence, the suspect has an idea of the real age and if established that an outright deception and deliberate attempt was forced on the minor to break the emotional limit of the defendant and conceal her age, it becomes an organised crime, particularly if the authourities aren’t aware before the set up, the prerequisites for such action is erroed and it has no propensity in law. Parental negligence also established and must be punishd.

To lure and invariably film the sexual process and abuse is CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. Those who organize THE SET UP are “accessory after the fact” and MUST be punished.

If the suspect is now tortured into confession, that is TRIAL BY ORDEAL. Then, subjecting an innocent underage to trauma and PTSD is the cruelest. Perpetrators MUST face multiple charges. If in the case of two adults, recording them secretly is wrong, especially when both are in reasonable privacy and consent was not absent.

However, it is plain criminal defamation if the girl’s age is falsified or hidden just to demonize and possibly use the court to sentence the target to prison. The worst situation is if the victim or so has no previous report or evidence known to the law enforcement. Verbal accusations are insufficient and could be false alarm.

It is wrong to AMBUSH ANYONE INTO MISFORTUNE, if not we will continue to plague our society with miscarriage of justice. Human rights and Rule of law are sacrosanct.

Yomi Fabiyi, Convener, Break The Silence Foundation (Est. 2018)”

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