“My In-laws Wanted To Chase Me Out Of My Husband’s House Because I Wasn’t Pregnant After I lost My First Pregnancy” -Actress Adekemi Taofeek revealed (watch video)

Yoruba actress Adekemi Taofeek recently shared in an interview how she faced difficulties with her in-laws when she couldn’t conceive, shedding light on her experience.

She posted a video on her Instagram, recounting that her in-laws had initially intended to evict her from her husband’s home due to her pregnancy absence.

She revealed that when her in-laws visited, their purpose was to remove her from the house, oblivious to her already being pregnant.

In her words, “My in-laws wanted to expel me from my husband’s home due to my lack of pregnancy. They arrived with the aim of displacing me, not knowing I was already expecting a child with my husband.”

Adekemi Taofeek has become a prominent presence on social media, garnering a substantial following due to her talent, which has propelled her to greater recognition.

Watch the video below;

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