“7th WIVES Loading”– Mixed Reaction As Portable Allegedly In A Relationship With Ex-wife Of Late Alaafin of Oyo, Queen Dami (Full Details)

Recent sources suggest that Queen Dami, previously associated with the Alaafin of Oyo, is reportedly engaged in a romantic relationship with the acclaimed artist Portable.

It’s worth noting that a few months after the Alaafin of Oyo’s demise, Queen Dami took part in Lege Miami’s dating live session, a platform that facilitates connections among singles with the aim of discovering compatible partners.

At the commencement of the audience interaction, Lege Miami mockingly teased Queen Dami for participating in his live session with the intention of finding a spouse. He proceeded to make impolite comments about her sincere quest for a companion and even expressed unfavorable opinions about her attire.

In a recent development, Gistlover reported that Queen Dami is currently involved in a notable relationship with Portable. The vlogger indicates that their association is widely acknowledged, although it hasn’t been officially verified.

Portable, a well-known Nigerian musician celebrated for his vibrant and melodious tunes, recently stirred the hearts of many with a heartwarming display of kindness and appreciation. He generously gifted a substantial amount of money to a young lad who was passionately singing his melodies in a public space.

Enthralled by the boy’s fervor and skill, Portable was profoundly moved by the gesture and decided to recognize the young admirer’s commitment by bestowing a reward upon him.

This touching episode transpired in a public setting, where a youthful boy took the initiative to deliver renditions of the artist’s cherished compositions.

Infused with passion and a captivating beat, the young boy melodiously rendered Portable’s songs, his eagerness radiating brightly.

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