“Make una sha no knack,”- A fan tells actor Salami Rotimi and actress Allwell, they replied

Nigerian actor Salami Rotimi and actress Ademola Allwell recently had drag a fan who accuse them of being in a romantic relationship.

Salami Rotimi shared a video of Allwell at the club, celebrating her ahead of her birthday.

He captioned the video with, ” See what I made my sister do🤣 Am I a bad person?🙄 In massive addy shuga @allwellademolaa”

A fan left a comment on one of their posts, advising them to avoid any intimate encounters. The fan’s comment read, “Make una Sha no knack 😮”

Both Salami Rotimi and Allwell responded to the fan’s comment.

Salami Rotimi wrote, ” @bunmi6244 the only way whores think.. but I guess you ain’t one… because you don’t look it🤔”

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