“May Allah increase their knowledge” – Reactions as actor Rotimi Salami’s kids fluently recite the Quran (video)

Nigerian actor Rotimi Salami has recently shared a heartwarming video on social media that has garnered significant attention and praise.

In the video, his children can be seen fluently reciting verses from the Quran, showcasing their impressive knowledge and understanding of the religious text.

The video quickly caught the attention of fans, followers, and social media users who were moved by the young children’s dedication and ability to recite the Quran with such fluency.

Many users praised the children for their achievement and expressed admiration for their commitment to their faith at a young age.

The actor himself captioned the video with a simple yet heartfelt statement: “MQuran recitation with Bliss and Legend✨.

See reactions and the video below:

– Ma Sha Allah TabaraKallah. May Allah increase them in knowledge and understanding

– ❤️❤️❤️masha Allahu I pray Alhmighty Allah lead them right bijahi ROSULULLAHI 🙏

– Never knew this guy is muslim sha. Dont know why i thought hes a Christian.

MashaAllah. May Allah increase them in knowledge and wisdom👏👏👏

– Masha Allah,may Almighty Allah increase them in knowledge and understanding 😍

– omg… I nd o impressed awwwwww sweet kids ♥

– May Allah increase their knowledge🙏ROBIZIDNI ILIMAH

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