Actress Remi Surutu burst into tears as skit-maker Isbae U surprised her on a movie set (video)

It was a heartwarming and emotional moment on the set of a movie, as renowned actress Remi Surutu was taken by surprise by the kind gesture of skit-maker Ismail Adebayo popularly known as Isbae U.

The talented skit-maker, known for his humorous videos and creative content, decided to show his appreciation and admiration for the actress by surprising her with flowers and a thoughtful gift.

In the video shared online, Remi Surutu was completely caught off guard when Isbau approached her with a warm smile, holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers and gift

The actress, known for her exceptional acting prowess and grace, was visibly touched by the unexpected gesture.

Isbae U captions the video with, ” This Surprise Got her so Emotional | Remi Surutu , Spreading Love and celebrating Our legends”

Watch the video below:

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