“I’m so proud of you blood” – Trinity Guy’s triplet sister celebrate him as he acquire a new house (photos)

It was a moment of joy and pride as Trinity Guy’s triplet sister, Mz Trinty took to social media to celebrate her skit-maker brother’s remarkable achievement of acquiring a new house.

Taking to social media, Mz Trintyposted a heartfelt message along with a video of herself entering inside her brother’s house. She wrote, “I’m so proud of you blood🌺❤️ Kill your enemies with success and bury them with a smile…..Never fails👍👏👏.”

In another post, she shares photos of the house and caption it with, ” Congratulations once again blood @iamtrinityguy 🙌🌹
Alhamdulillah for everything. We can never thank Allah enough for the countless bounties He blessed us with.

iamtrinityguy #mz_trinity #viralreels #viralpost #explorepages”

As the news spread, other friends and family members joined in the celebrations, leaving messages of congratulations and well wishes for Trinity Guy.

See her post below:

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