“Just Look At How He Dress Home”– Mixed Reactions As Bobrisky Dress Like A Man To Travel Home After His Father Death (Read Details)

Renowned crossdresser Idris Okuneye, widely recognized as Bobrisky, recently faced the passing of his father.

In a departure from his usual feminine online persona, Bobrisky garnered attention as he returned to his hometown attired in traditional Jalabia clothing and adopting a more masculine look.

This occurrence has ignited discussions on social media, prompting speculation about the reasons behind his departure from his customary attire during his trip home.

As it is well-known, Bobrisky is a man who embraces a feminine fashion style and has successfully secured multiple endorsement agreements with a variety of fashion and body care brands

News Recalled That A tragic event occurs as Bobrisky, the renowned crossdresser also known as Idris Okuneye, experiences the passing of his father, Kunle Okuneye.

Today, Monday, Debola Okunneye, the son of the late Kunle Okuneye, confirmed the heartbreaking news, saying, “Yes, my father passed away this morning, and we are currently organizing his funeral arrangements.”

Confirming the news further, Lastborn, a close friend and colleague of the departed, who serves as the Secretary of Beach Nigeria Enterprises, a car hire service situated at the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos where the late Okunneye held a directorial position, shared insights. He revealed that the late Okunneye would be laid to rest in line with Islamic traditions at 4 pm today.

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