Saheed Osupa abandoned me after the late Barrister and I made him ‘King of Fuji music’ –OAP, Kola Olotu rants

Kola Olotu pours out his profound pain, addressing how Saheed Osupa is presently offering financial aid to individuals, yet has consciously overlooked him, the very person who paved the way for his ascent to fame and unparalleled achievement.

Seasoned Yoruba radio presenter, Kola Olootu, has thrown down the gauntlet against the iconic Fuji sensation, Akorede Babatunde aka Saheed Osupa, boldly alleged that despite his monumental contributions to Osupa’s musical career, he has been left in the shadows of neglect.

Olootu boldly claims to have directly steered a pivotal decision that catapulted Osupa into the coveted throne of music royalty.

According to him, this crowning glory, anointing Osupa as the music king, was masterminded by none other than the late Fuji virtuoso, Sikiru Ayinde Balogun, fondly remembered as Barrister.

On his TikTok page, Kola asserted through a captivating video that he orchestrated the very circumstances leading to Barrister’s coronation of “Saheed Osupa” as the illustrious king of Fuji music back in 2008.

In this widely-shared video, Olootu revealed that the late Barrister’s anointing of Osupa was not a deliberate act and that it inadvertently thrust Osupa into the role of the Fuji music monarch, surpassing even the industry seniors who had close ties with Barrister himself.

He further emphasized that his instrumental role in orchestrating this pivotal moment has contributed to the unnecessary tension in his relationships with other notable Fuji musicians.

According to the host, Barrister’s response was merely a passing remark, intended to swiftly navigate the situation, when asked about Osupa’s suitability for the esteemed title of King of Fuji music.

As narrated by the presenter, Barrister’s admission was more of a benign agreement rather than a deliberate decision. Barrister indicated that he would indeed bestow the title of King of Fuji music upon Osupa, unaware that the ceremonial crown had already been meticulously prepared in advance.

Olotu said;

“We planned it together at my house in Oluyole after Saheed informed me that Baba (Barrister) was coming for his birthday show.

I told him to arrange for a crown before Baba arrives and leave the rest of the job to me. When we gave the crown to Baba, he was taken aback and could only exclaim that they had put him in trouble”

Olootu expressed frustration that Osupa has failed to adequately acknowledge his dedicated efforts that significantly contributed to Osupa’s career success ever since he rose to prominence.

“Saheed became popular and made a lot of money after this coronation, he was everywhere, but I, who orchestrated the act, became enemies with everyone.

“My intentions were good, and I love Saheed. Today, he gives people things everywhere, but he never remembers me, who suffered with him when he had nothing,” he added.

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