Fans Shade Tonto Dikeh after she claimed that she personally doesn’t know any actor in ‘Jagun Jagun’, Femi Adebayo replied

Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh recently sparked a flurry of reactions by revealing that she isn’t familiar with any of the actors in the film “Jagun Jagun.” The movie, created by Femi Adebayo, has been generating significant attention both within Nigeria and on the global stage.

In an unexpected social media post, Tonto Dikeh shared that she hadn’t watched a Nigerian film in well over a decade. However, after finally watching “Jagun Jagun,” she was deeply moved and captivated by the experience.

Touting “Jagun Jagun” as an exceptional film, Tonto commended the remarkable efforts of the crew and cast. She highlighted that she didn’t have a personal connection with any of the individuals involved in the movie, and her decision to watch it was driven by recommendations from her international friends.

Tonto emphasized that she doesn’t know any of the cast and crew of the movie personally and only watched it because it was recommended by her international friends.

In her words, “This is my review for My very first watched Nigerian movie in over 10/12years!!!!! I was shook, I think this is an amazing movie.

Don’t personally know anyone in this movie from production to crew) but I watched it by popular demand via my international friends and I must say I AM FLABBERGASTED!!!!!!#.
Weldone to the producers crew and the cast!!! .”

The statement of not watching Nigerian movies and not knowing the cast of Jagun Jagun left many slamming the movie star.

See some reactions below:

– First time watching Nigerian movie…don’t know anyone in the movie… All unnecessary information that no one needs to hear.

– You don’t know anyone in the movie? Really?

– Not watching your own country’s movie is now a flex. Okay

– Nobody asked her if she knows them personally, or if she doesn’t watch Nigeria movies. That’s your choice, you keep them to yourself”.

Femi Adebayo, the producer of “Jagun Jagun,” took to Tonto Dikeh’s comment section to defend her.

He stated that Tonto was only implying that she didn’t have any close relationship with them, hence, wasn’t been sentimental in her judgment of his movie.

He wrote, ” Thank you Tonto. Guys please the word personally. In this context means we are not close hence no sentiment in her review. Pls let it be. Thank you so much. I appreciate you all”.

Tonto replied him asking for them to get to know each other better.

“My brother lets use this energy to know ourselves. Pls forget these people. I appreciate you sir.”

See below:

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