See the moment Pastor Agbala Gabriel hands over actor Suebebe’s house to him (video)

Ibadan-based Pastor Agbala Gabriel known for his philanthropic act, Pastor Agbala Gabriel has officially handover of newly built house to veteran actor actor Sule “Suebebe” Omogbemi’.

Recalls that Pastor Agbala Gabriel announce the completion of the house of veteran actor Dayo Adewunmi, popularly known as Baba Sule Suebebe.

Taking to his social media page today the man of God reveals that he has completed the veteran actor house in less than two months

Sharing video of the houses, he wrote, ” BABA SUEBEBE HOUSE IS READY, WE WILL OPEN IT TODAY, MUIDEEN WILL OFFICIALLY BECOME A LANDLORD TODAY, WE ARE OPENING HIS HOUSE TODAY…We are also bringing Banuso today for the completion of His house. Choose one out of MUIDEEN’S house or BABA SUEBEBE’S house, which of the above will you go for? WE ARE COMING LIVE BY 5pm today……5PM”

In a recent updated on his Facebook page, the actor shares a video of himself and his team member, handling over the house the house the veteran actor.

Watch the video below:

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