“If not for the respect I have for your husband, You for don chop serious b€ating”- Drama as Ayo Olaiya and Mide Martins engaged each other in a fight on movie set over this…(Video)

Yoruba actor Ayo Olaiya and renowned actress Mide Martins, who is married to Afeez Owo, recently engaged in a comical altercation during a movie scene, leaving their fans in stitches.

The amusing video was posted on the actor’s Instagram page. It began with the actor feigning anger as his character, upset that his wife Mide Martins had referred to his mother, playfully named “Mama-No-Network,” as a mad woman.

He repeatedly asked her to repeat the phrase, while she continued to humorously insist that her mother-in-law was indeed mad. The scene culminated in the actor playfully pretending to attack her before the director intervened with a “cut!”

The video has been received warmly by their fans and more so, there’s the argument of who could possibly win the battle for real…

He wrote; 🤣🤣 @mydemartins @mama_nonetwork will not kill me with laughter✍️
ABIKE episode 42 now showing On Ogidantv YouTube Channel.✍️
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Wahala orisirisi 😂😂😂

Weldon baba ❤️

@mydemartins 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣momsy ooo

I don miss dis abike wen she will not drop on time

This is episode 42 that means abike don get 39 husband now 😂😂

And she no tall reach d guy ooo, him go too slap u bajebaje, him hand to ur face, na easy thing oo

Aunty Mide fit kill person 😂😂😂

Mama e abeti didi yi mad😂😂😂@mydemartins I love you momma 😍

@mydemartins but he never touch u now😃😃😃

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