“My silence is golden but If e sure for you, mention my name” – Iyabo Ojo issue warning Lizzy Anjorin

Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo has taking to social media to shade her colleague, actress Lizzy Anjorin.

Recalls that, Iyabo Ojo had earlier taking to social media to drag Lizzy Anjorin after she called her “Obo rubber’

Although the mother of two didn’t mention name but taking to the comment section, fans and followers assumed that she talking to Lizzy Ajorin.

After that Lizzy Anjroin has giving it back to back for the mother of two on her social media pages.

In a recent update Iyabo shares a disclaimer post, saying her silence is golden and she have a lot of respect of his man, children and a lot of people who are dear to her but if Lizzy mentioned her name, she will come out for her.

In her words, ” My silence is golden……….. bcos i have a lot of respect for my man, OBIM, my children & a lot of people i hold dear to my heart, most especially @iamlolaalao
You will never get a video from me 🦎 no matter how hard you try bcos you aren’t worth my precious black bonnet, which is only meant for important issues..
But trust me when i say ………my leg is never going to leave your neck🤪 You go explain, taya……
If e sure for you, mention my name & let’s get it started, but until then, enjoy the cruse
My beautiful wig from @mblluxuryhairlinellc Please don’t forget to patronize my darling sis in Canada @iamlolaalao”

How it started
According to information on circulating on social media, the brouhaha started when Lizzy reportedly taken offence with Iyabo’s humoured action at a senior colleague, Lola Alao’s Canada shop where she demonstrated how certain Facebook bloggers have mastered the art of flaunting their egos and faking their statuses.

Iyabo had allegedly displayed to Lola’s amusement how the ‘so-called Facebook celebrities’ attack one another online, spilling long-kept dark secrets about their targeted opponents using the attack to promote their fabric business.

Those who should know have said Iyabo’s action was a veiled attack on Lizzy Anjorin with whom she reportedly nurses silent grudge.

Meanwhile, few hours after Iyabo’s displays, Lizzy came on her Facebook page to respond to those she called “3-some celebrities”. She alleged in her diatribe that the subject’s wealth has no meaningful and moral basis other than through warming the beds of different men, among other allegations.

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