Pastor Gabriel set to build house for Chief Karan, raised N3million Naira

Pastor Gabriel paid another visit to the esteemed veteran actor, Olusegun Akinremi, popularly known as Chief Kanran.

During his visit, the actor revealed some poignant details about his living conditions and upcoming milestone.

Kanran shared that the house he currently resides in was constructed by his beloved mother.

Furthermore, he disclosed that he will soon be celebrating his 70th birthday, a momentous occasion that should ideally be marked with jubilation and comfort.

However, the living conditions of this veteran actor were far from ideal. The house, though steeped in sentimental value, was not befitting for a legendary actor who has dedicated his life to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Moved by the veteran actor’s situation, Pastor Gabriel decided to take action. He seek for advice from his fans and followers.

People advised the Pastor to build a house for him first, a car might come in later. A total of N2.5million has been donated so far

Watch the photos below:

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