Being Madam Saje’s daughter is a blessing to my career — Bintu Balogun says

Bintu Balogun, the talented daughter of the legendary Nigerian actress Madam Saje, has opened up about her gratitude and the unique advantages she enjoys in her burgeoning acting career as a result of her famous mother’s legacy.

In an exclusive interview with R about her happy moment in the industry, Balogun said she is happy that the recognition Nollywood deserves is happening now, adding that many movie makers are moving the industry forward with their contents and productions.

“I am really happy it is happening now, showing to the world that Nollywood is here to compete with any other movie industry in the world. With our filmmakers doing new and great things lately, it shows that there is more for some of us coming behind to achieve.”

Bintu said she joined Nollywood as a professional filmmaker in 2012 after she underwent training.

When asked about the influence of her mother on her career growth, Bintu said:“It has been a blessing. Though it is not a gateway to success, it gives me a step ahead. This is because most filmmakers tend to give me first hand attention to appear and show what I can do.”

She stated further that sometimes, she feels uncomfortable with the special treatment, “as some directors feel too calm to handle me, due to my mother’s influence. In all, being her daughter has helped me more. She is very strict with work; I continue to learn so much from her.”

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