“How to know if a man loves you” – Mo Bimpe shares 5 clues for ladies (Watch)

Nigeria actress Adebimpe Oyebade popularly known as Mo-Bimpe has taking to social media to share her personal experience with her female fans and followers on how to know if a man love them.

In a video shares on her Instagram page, Mo-Bimpe lost five things lady should watch out for in a man.

She caption the video with, “5 clues to know A MAN LOVES YOU based on my personal experience o Biko 🤣 What are yours? Feel free to drop yours in the comments 👇 Let’s all learn together 💚.

Watch below:

Her relationship advices sparks lot of mixed reaction for her colleagues, fans and followers.

Some of the heartwarming reactions included:

Agreed, but I believe there is absolutely nothing a Man can’t do just to win your heart. But it’s very possible for them to change at the long run soo how are we going to log out after signing in to their world. Men can deceive you for more than 10years I swear. May God help us jare.
Our obim😍everything you said is on point, but all the same there’s no manual to a healthy and loving relationship.
May we not fall victim of messed up relationship
What about when the communication start reducing from his end and he’s not telling what the problem is ?Is that love ?
Some of them think that if a lady or woman ask them for money from them they would start saying we like money that we aren’t a good wife materials,buh as for me I don’t like asking for money from them Maybe that’s why they don’t know how to give😢
Well said my woman😍😍😍talking about generous ..even when he does not have…he will look for way to meet your needs…I don’t take communication and respect for granted
That No 3 is relative, l thought that way too not until l started a 9-6 job😁. To flash him sef is hard talk less of calling
A man who loves you will be able to fight for you sometimes when you are wrong publicly….. A man who love you will always trust you either you near or afar way.

A man who loves you will always take your past as your past and never talk about it or judge you no matter how….. A man who loves you will never compare your relationship with another….

A man who loves you will always correct you in love 💕 not the one that roar like a lion at any point even when you piss him off ….

A man who loves you will not use his hands on you
Hmmm,but ma all the men have been dating some of them will be expecting me to call them, secondly they aren’t generous atall😢

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