“He only use to correct him but Mohbad did not hear word” Leaked audio of Mohbad’s father defending Naira Marley surfaces

The entertainment industry has been in turmoil since the untimely death of Nigerian singer Mohbad, and the controversy surrounding his passing continues to raise questions and rumors. Among the prominent figures linked to this tragedy is Naira Marley, the leader of Mohbad’s former record label. However, a recent development has shifted the narrative.

A leaked audio recording of Mohbad’s father defending Naira Marley has surfaced, giving more controversial perspectives to the situation.

In the audio, he revealed that Naira Marley and Sam Larry had no hand in Mohbad’s death.

“”Naira Marley only use to “correct” Mohbad, but Mohbad did not hear word. Naira Marley is not a bad person, what he only did was to show Mohbad that he is bigger than him.”

Since the news of Mohbad’s death broke, discussions and speculations have been brewing particularly regarding Naira Marley’s potential involvement. Given their past professional relationship, many wondered whether there was more to Mohbad’s passing that met the eye.

Let’s also recall that in an exclusive interview some days ago, Mohbad’s father had addressed the rumors and provided insights into his son’s tragic demise.

One of the most significant revelations made by Mohbad’s father was that Naira Marley was not present with Mohbad at the time of his death.

Mohbad’s father firmly denied the sinister speculations surrounding his son’s passing. He offered an alternative explanation for the tragedy, stating that he believed Mohbad had died due to complications arising from an injection administered by an auxiliary nurse. This injection was reportedly given to treat an ear infection.

The story of Mohbad’s struggles within the music industry is not a new one. In January 2023, Bella Shmurda had exposed the dark underbelly of the industry during an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo. Bella revealed that Mohbad had reached a breaking point, so severe that he contemplated taking his own life. It was only through the timely intervention of his girlfriend that Mohbad was saved from this grim fate.

Poco Lee, another close friend of Mohbad, added further weight to Bella’s claims. He took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message, recounting a conversation with Bella Shmurda. Poco Lee revealed that Bella had confided in him, disclosing that Mohbad had been appearing to him in distress, almost as if seeking justice from beyond the grave.

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