Lady allegedly claims to have a baby for late Mohbad (video)

A woman describes how late Mohbad supposedly impregnated her, claiming to have a child with him after his death.

The netizen @theexitime uploaded news reports on the video-sharing app TikTok.

According to reports, the musician allegedly impregnated an anonymous woman in his hometown but kept the whole thing a secret.

She confessed that she gave birth to the singer a few days after he died, and she no longer wishes to remain silent on the subject.

A video on the internet displays the baby’s face, which is said to be Mohbad’s.

The report read …

“Mohbad have another son with a lady in his hometown According to the lady she told Mohbad that she’s pregnant for him but Mohbad asked her to keep it a secret so after a day Mohbad is dead she gave birth according to the, she said she can’t keep mute any longer since her newly born baby has no chance to meet his dad”

Check out netizens reactions …
@Tiwa pearl commented: “Mohbad nose no wide like this nah😂”

@badminton567821 observed: “this is the baby that resembles mohbad not the other one”

@Angel 🥰🥰🥰 wrote: “Me sef don get Belle for Naira Marley eba mi Wa naira 😂😂💔”

@official Chris notes: “if this really true then this dey real mohbad child lets go on a DNA simple”

@MARY LOVE ❤️ ❤️ HAPPY commented: “I think this baby look just like him ooo”

@Samuelfrank♥️🔥💦 stated: “nothing way hunger no de cause 🥺”

@Sab Wells said: “But the baby resembles him low key”

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