“This is the highest form of disrespect to the dead” Uproar as Activist Adetoun reveals conversation with Mohbad’s ghost (Watch Video)

Since the death of the late singer, Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba better known by his stage name, Mohbad, many have stepped forward claiming to have conversed with the late singer.

Joining the list is Nigerian activist, Adetoun, who took to her IG live claiming that she was communicating with the late singer.

According to her, Mohbad said all he wants from Nigerians is prayers for him to rest well before justice is served.

She claimed that the singer revealed to her that he left his mother so she could take care of his 5-month-old son, Liam, who he shares with his wife.

She added that Mohbad told her he wanted to rest as he had fought a lot of battles, ran to many with the hope that they would help him but they couldn’t. Now, he wants to rest after spending his life in pain and dying in pain.

“He said that he left his mother, so she can take care of his son, and that’s why he wants everybody to pray for him so he can rest well in peace and I pray that Mohbad would rest in peace. Whether you are a Muslim or a Christian, let join hands together.

This boy says he wants to rest, he fought a lot of battles. He ran to people he thought could save him, but none of them could save him and that’s why he feels that the only thing that can give him rest of mind is for him to rest in peace. This boy says he wants to rest in peace. He lived a life of pain, he died in pain and he doesn’t want to continue roaming around, looking for people to help him”.

Taking to social media, many expressed disappointment and anger at how many have been clout-chasing with the deceased’s name.

One Commanderr Tom wrote, “Please y’all let’s allow this boy’s name rest

One Jasmine Precious wrote, “No single respect for the dead

One Adaannugo wrote, “This woman is doing this because Iyabo and Tonto are actively advocating in his case. She just to be seen as also working.

One Maimuu wrote, “Since his demise, this is the highest form of disrespect to his death that I have seen. It is well Imole.

One Call Me Ag wrote, “So he didn’t tell you who killed him or how he died. God will judge you sister Toun”.

Adetoun isn’t the only one who has allegedly heard from the late singer.

A few days back, singer, Cynthia Morgan now known as Madrina, had shared a message from the dead.

The former rapper turned prophet, via her Instagram story, revealed that Mohbad sent her to Nigerians to tell them not to seek justice and forget his son. According to her, he specifically told her that everyone’s focus should be on his son.

Also, Popular Nigerian prophet, Oba Solomon had issued a stern warning to Mohbad after an unpleasant encounter with him in the spirit realm.

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