Comedian Trinity Guy changes from pranks as he teams up with Cute Abiola in a latest comedy video (Watch)

Popular Nigerian comedian Maruf Abdullah Adisa professionally known as Trinity Guy has finally changed from his expressive pranks that landed him in prison a few months ago.

In a latest comedy video making the rounds on Instagram, Trinity Guy, an Ibadan based comedian teams up with his colleague, Cute Abiola.

Recall Comedian Trinity Guy was arrested and detained at the police station over his expensive pranks as well as a video of one of his skits where he was seen s+xually exploiting a 10-year-old girl.

Diving away from his usual expensive pranks, Trinity Guy in his very first comedy skits after he left the prison shows his versatility.

The story of the comedy video, shows a Cute Abiola batling a health condition as he could be seen having cold and shivering seriously.

Cute Abiola further calls his friend Trinity Guy for help as he request for the sum of N5,000 to buy drugs, responding, Trinity Guy who is in a car with a girl as he counts thousands of naira responded that he doesn’t have any money on him.

Cute Abiola further begs for N2K, Trinity Guy replies that he doesn’t have any even though he is counting some money and shows how broke he is by asking N100 from the sick Cute Abiola.

Later in the comedy video, Cute Abiola was pronounced dead and the information was passed on to Trinity Guy.

Swiftly, Trinity Guy arrived to confirm his friend death and was seen shedding crocodile tears adding that he would give Cute Abiola a befitting burial.

In his words; “If you call me, something like this won’t happen to you, I go make sure say your burial sweet, I promise you 7 cows, 70 bags of rice, 7o table water, everybody go chop, go happy.”

Cute Abiola wakes up from his death and starts landing heavy slaps on Trinity Guy in an aggressive manner for showing fake love.

He utters; “No be u I ask for help you no help me, commot for here, olori buruku (stupid).”

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